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Our Core Purpose defines the reason for our existence:

We believe that the quality of the supply chain is determined by our innovative design in storage solutions”.

Our Customer Value Proposition:

We provide integrated storage solution designs that will add value to your business through innovation, performance and excellence”.

One of Africa’s leading storage solutions providers:

One of Africa’s leading storage solutions providers


LSE’s has an international Production capacity of more than 5.2 million metric tons of racking and shelving per annum. We do not only have our own in-house Experienced Team designing these systems but also our Internal Teams supporting these systems, and have production capacity to meet any Customer demand;


More than 5 500 Projects has been installed by the LSE Team on record to date;


LSE optimises warehouses in all industry sectors with more than 43 different storage equipment systems that it designs, manufacture, import, distribute, implement and maintain.

Warehouse Storage Solutions



LSE provide this, as one of the market leaders in the design, implementation and maintenance of warehouse storage solutions in Africa, with a complete product range of racking and shelving systems, including semi-automated and fully automated intralogistical equipment.


Our approach to storage helps customers realize space-saving warehouse designs that accommodate greater density in smaller spaces, enhanced warehouse flow, and long-lasting operational efficiency.


Logistics Systems Engineering’s Team of experienced experts, have helped thousands of companies across Africa optimise their warehouses and boost profitability, by seamlessly integrating racking, shelving, automation and material handling equipment into one complete, efficient storage solution.

Cold Storage Solutions



Our cold storage equipment maximises your space configuration, saving up to 90% of warehouse space!


“Logistics Systems Engineering is the Exclusive Distributor of Gonvarri Material Handling, with a vast and continuous expanding range of products under its consolidated brand, Constructor”.


All the semi- and fully automated cold storage warehouse equipment you need to efficiently store cold and frozen goods


We offer you turnkey engineering and support services for your storage installation.

Design & Planning

To execute the ideal space-saving storage, we offer design and planning services, compliant with safe working practices and local regulations.

Warehouse Safety

Our comprehensive package of rack inspection and safety services are executed by qualified inspectors and engineers.


We supply fully managed project installation services, to ensure your customised solution is executed optimally, while meeting local safety specifications.


In supporting your future storage expansion or streamlining, we offer customised re-design services, meeting your exact storage requirements.

Optimised Customer Service & Support


Monitor and organise units

Managing your storage space is made easy and co-ordinated with LSE’s intelligent Warehouse Management Software (WMS®) – SA’s only Remote Monitoring Service for semi- and automated warehouse solutions.

Turnkey engineering and support services

Customise your cold and freezer warehouse with expert design, installation, operation, and management services.

24-month guarantee

Guaranteed product operation, ensuring safe and durable storage solutions.

Lifetime warranty

Industry leading warranty, unmatched in sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring highest customer satisfaction from concept to end of life.

Industries we serve:


Food & Beverage

Cold Chain







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Get the highest product density for your cold or frozen goods with our cold storage equipment.

Turnkey solutions with positive ROI


Supplied & serviced across South Africa


End-to-end warehouse optimisation


CE Directive 2006/42/EG & DIN 15095 systems


24-month guarantee


Lifetime warranty

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